Cross Poster

Everything broken by abortion

can be made whole again in Christ,

who says:

“See, I make all things new!”

The Steps of Healing

The steps of healing are simple.  You will. . .

Hear – Share – Learn – Let go – Reconcile – Witness

  • hear the special word of God’s love.
  • share stories, thoughts, and feelings.
  • learn about the abortion as a decision, a loss, and a wound
  • see its influences and effects.
  • let go of the past, of condemning yourself and others.
  • reconcile with God and with the child (and with yourself)
  • commit to a new life of joy and peace in God’s love

In short, you will make a New Choice!

Hope over despair

Honesty over denial

Understanding over self-hatred

Love over rejection


Because the essential nature of abortion is rejection and separation, the essence of healing is acceptance and reconciliation.

You will be accepted by others, learn God’s acceptance, and you will learn how to accept others.  You will come together again, within yourself, with the Lord, and with your child.

Healing comes with remembering

who you really are

who God really is

what really happened

how you really feel

Healing comes with learning

how you were hurt

how to resolve anger

how to forgive

how to accept a new beginning

Healing comes with accepting


your feelings

God’s mercy

your child

your new life