Recent abortion?


If you have just had an abortion, there are some things you need to know. . .First there are your feelings.

Shock. If you have just had an abortion, you must be feeling some shock and anger.  Whatever you expected, it is not what you have just experienced.  You may have been betrayed or disappointed by others. I am so sorry for that.

Relief.  You may also feel relieved.  After all, the procedure is over.  The agony of feeling the pressure of the situation and pressure from others is over. 

Confusion.  You may have chosen without really choosing.  You may still feel ambivalent and confused.  It is normal to feel confusion after a physical and emotional trauma. You have been through a traumatic experience.  It should not be treated as something insignificant.

Take care of yourself.  Your body has experienced something unnatural and your hormones are changing rapidly.  Be sure to follow-up with your regular doctor, and watch for fever or unusual pain.  Complications are not uncommon.  It is also common to feel weepy and/or angry at this time.  Let yourself have your feelings. 

Eat and sleep right.  You should eat right (not too many simple carbs) and try to get good sleep.  Be sure and talk out your experience and your feelings with someone who will listen and not just tell you to “get over it” or “put it behind you.”  

You are important..  Often friends and family don’t want to hear about the abortion after it is over.  After all, their problem is solved.  The  father of the baby often doesn’t want to talk, either. (Very many relationships break up within a few weeks of abortion.)  People expect you to just go on as if nothing has happened.  But something has happened, something significant, and you know it.  Don’t pretend it hasn’t.  You are important.

 What next?    Often a woman will try to do as others ask, and try to put everything out of her mind.  The effort to do that can prove very costly .  You may be surprised to find that the conflicted feelings return, in hours or days or weeks.  Short and long-term reactions to abortion include sadness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, isolation, loss of trust, numbness, anniversary reactions, grief, guilt, and shame. 

 Be prepared to deal with feelings in a healthy way.  Research on the behavioral aftermath of abortion is clear:  unhealthy self-destructive behaviors rise dramatically in post-abortive women as compared to women who deliver.  So be aware of the temptation to drink/ drug/sleep/eat your pain away.  It won’t work, and it will hurt you. Instead, talk to someone you can trust to listen, or call Project Rachel to talk.

God still loves you.  Abortion may be something you never thought you would do, and you wonder, “How did I get here?”  Ask that question to God.  Ask His help and support as you recover.  He wants to restore you, and restore  your lost relationships.  Nothing is lost forever if we find it again in Him.

God has rescued your child, and now He wants to take care of you. 

 Resources:  Information, stories and further help can be found at,, and

Call Project Rachel at  210-342-4673 to talk, request literature, or ask about our programs.  You can email us at  Project Rachel has counselors who know what you are going through, clergy who care, and others who can help you recover.    The Lord has plans of peace for you.