Raphael’s Way

Raphael Light Color“Raphael” means “God heals.” God’s way of healing is shown in the story of Tobias. God sends an angel to accompany him on a journey.

In Scripture, the Archangel Raphael brings God’s instruments of healing, which are taken from the natural world and which represent the mind, heart and life of Christ.  By story’s end, love is found, marriage is healed, debts are recovered, and lives and families are transformed.  Suffering and sin are brought under God’s providence,and those who have  sinned and suffered bear fruit in thanksgiving.

Healing from abortion. The story of Tobit and his family is like the process of healing after abortion.  To heal from abortion requires truth where there was blindness, companionship where there was isolation, reconciliation instead of alienation.  It is the action of God who makes it all possible.

In a gentle process, you will be helped to know the love of God in a new way, to experience the freedom of release from denial, to understand your experience and your wounds, to let go of your burdens of condemnation and anger, and to open your heart.  These simple steps bring healing and peace.  We help you see how God can make even the memory of abortion into a source of good for yourself and others.

Raphael’s Way is based on the steps of conversion:  hearing the truth of love, seeing the truth of reality, choosing the truth of mercy, accepting the truth of the gift of others, and living the truth of peace and hope.

Raphael’s Way can be carried out as a day retreat, a weekend retreat, a support group of  7 or 8 weeks, and as one-to-one companioning.  El Camino de Rafael is the Spanish version of the program.

Raphael’s Way programs can be used for spiritual healing after abortion healing, for healing of grief  and of marital stress following miscarriage and peri-natal loss, and for spiritual healing from trauma and abuse.